Generating value from better investment decisions and innovation portfolio management.

Generating Value for Technology Investors

Informing Decisions to Enhance Portfolio Company Management

IIG helps venture capital funds and private equity firms, angels and other high-net-worth individuals with these kinds of challenges:

  • We need expert technical/scientific input to screen opportunities.
  • Where can we find interim management support for early stage companies?
  • We want to increase the exposure of our portfolio companies to Australian and international asset buyers, co-investors and collaborators.
  • We want to know where the most innovative research is being done so we can join its commercialisation journey early and reap the rewards later.
  • How can we connect and communicate better with the inventors and developers of new ideas?

Investing in start-ups and other organisations with exciting new technologies involves greater risk than the stock market. It also affords more opportunity to be a part of something bold and fresh that could solve an unmet commercial, environmental or social need close to your heart.

IIG works closely with different types of technology investors to match their interests with Australia’s most innovative thinkers and producers, to transform industries, change lives and return more than just money on investment – successful technology investments also generate longer-term follow-on effects, like job creation, tax revenue, and cultural change.


Here’s how the Impact Innovation Group creates value for technology investors:

Board and Advisory Board Positions

Not all funds can boast a complement of board members who are experts in innovation and technology commercialisation. IIG managers can become members of, and advisors to, your board or your investee company boards, bringing substantial innovation and technology commercialisation acumen to the table.
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Board and Management Briefings

Board members and senior management need to be across the opportunities emerging from Australia’s innovation ecosystem. IIG can brief your board and management on trends, technologies and other relevant topics for many different industry sectors to inform your corporate strategy and executive decisions.
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Business Model Canvas/Business Model Innovation

IIG takes Business Model Innovation to the next level. Drawing on research from Switzerland’s St Gallen University into effective approaches to low-risk/high-return business models, IIG provides training and consulting services to enhance business model outcomes.

Business Plan/Information Memoranda Development

Preparing strong and coherent business plans and information memoranda that promote without misrepresenting can be challenging. IIG uses a range of guiding questions and templates to develop effective documents with your investees that communicate the right story.
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Commercialisation Strategy

Having the idea for a new product or service is great but what direction should you take it to market? Start-up? Spin-off? Licence? Sale? IIG works with technology owners in your portfolio to develop the pathway that aligns with their aspirations and maximises the technology’s value.
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Design Thinking PLUS

IIG takes design thinking methodologies to the next level with effective problem analysis tools and idea identification assessment methodologies. Our enhanced approaches focus on non-linear pathways to improve decision making and implementation progress.
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Technology in-licensing gives investee companies either exclusive or non-exclusive access to game-changing technologies from Australia and overseas. IIG clients benefit from our specialised range of due diligence and technology verification tools for minimising risk and maximising value.
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Interim CEO/COO

Early stage ventures need effective management, especially project management. IIG provides interim CEO solutions to keep companies and their technologies on track until they reach value inflection points, like when a full-time CEO is needed.
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Lean Start-up PLUS

As the lean start-up methodology gains interest around the world, converting the theory into practice also requires a shift in mindset. IIG helps clients develop and integrate lean start-up principles into their organisations and provides support for building staff capability to effectively implement these programs, e.g. by introducing effectuation principles (the mindset behind lean start-up).
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The technologies your investees have developed could be earning an additional revenue stream. IIG has designed a suite of licensee identification approaches that maximise engagement with large and multinational organisations to derive more value from such intellectual property/assets.
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R&D Management

Managing R&D relationships and activities when it’s not your core business or area of expertise is fraught with risk. IIG has specialist personnel who know how to get the most out of external R&D engagement for your portfolio companies.
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Start-up Establishment

Forming a company structure is simple. Forming a start-up company needs a few more quirky-shaped pieces in the puzzle. IIG supports the establishment of ‘low resource’ start-ups to ensure that commercialisation activities can progress without breaking the bank (or the founders’ spirit).Let’s schedule a meeting or phone call

Technology Scouting

Do you know what technologies are being developed by research organisations and start-up companies that match your investment interests? IIG has developed Enterprise Access to help individuals and organisations like yours identify and connect with next generation technologies in development, ripe for investment now.
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Technology Status Assessments

Using IIG’s Technology and Investment Readiness Level tool, technology developers can quickly and easily assess where there are gaps in their commercialisation journey and what steps can be taken to fill those gaps. Investors can use the tool to determine whether a technology is ready for the kind of investment they are prepared to make.Let’s schedule a meeting or phone call

These case studies demonstrate how we
create value for SMEs.

The Impact Innovation Group provides the corporate rigour that many of our early stage ventures require. They provide the timely, on-demand inputs that assist us to achieve our capital raising and licensing objectives.

Dr Dean Moss CEO
UniQuest Pty Limited
The Targeted Innovation Management System delivered outstanding innovations that have been simple to implement, while enhancing our bottom-line.

Ryan Clerihew NuChem Pty Ltd
The ongoing support of the Impact Innovation Group in engaging with industry across a range of robotic, motion sensor and nano technologies has greatly enhanced our commercialisation efforts.

Gary Heyden Former Director of Deakin Research Commercial
The Impact Innovation Group’s structured approach to innovation greatly assisted our grant application with Commercialisation Australia as well as the ongoing implementation of our business strategy.

Clint Ramsay Director of NeoRehab Pty Ltd
As an investor, your approach to identifying ideas to ‘bypass bottlenecks’ is a refreshing change.

Peter Riikonen Director of BioHerbicides Australia Pty Ltd
Brian was a guest speaker at one of our client events. His presentation resonated with our audience and attracted a very high satisfaction rating when we polled guests afterwards, especially for his delivery style and solid grounding in the topic of maximising the return on innovation investment.

Ross Patane Managing Partner, Crowe Horwath Australia

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