A capital idea for crowdfunding

The way Australian businesses can raise capital has just changed, with SMEs now able to raise up to $5 million a year via crowdfunding. Impact Innovation’s John Mathew (DBiotech – Crowdfunding) explains what this means for innovation investment in Australia.

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Power of the patent

Understanding intellectual property factors is important to optimise the value of your ideas, whether you are a start-up working on a new venture or an intrapreneur or innovation manager within an existing business. Here are two recent webinars on different aspects of patenting.

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STOP gambling with innovation!

Why would you take a punt with your hard-earned $KKK when the odds of making money are 200:1? To generate real, measurable value from innovation, the following understandings are key.

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Impact Innovation Named Telstra Business Awards Finalist

“This year’s finalists were demonstrating what it takes to become ‘that’ business – a leader in their field, a name that is trusted and admired and being an organisation that inspires others,” said Telstra Business Executive Director, Brendan Donohoe.

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Implementing change

Implementing change is a challenge for most organisations. Here’s how Impact Innovation helps clients tackle innovation-driven change.

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Get that grant!

What can you do to ensure your next pitch for a grant has a better chance of success? Here are three key considerations…

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Turning innovation into reality

New graduates often come into organisations with a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective, as well as knowledge of new techniques and alternative approaches to traditional situations, which have the potential to add significant value to employers and businesses. The challenge is how to have these ideas heard.

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Accelerating with specialist advice

Did you know that the Queensland Government has allocated $3 million in grant funding over three years to help established Queensland-based small businesses engage an advisory board or independent advisor? You could be eligible for this funding.

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Connecting Ag-tech with investors

How do you go about seeking investment for agricultural innovations? Brian Ruddle explains in this video.   If you’d like help with attracting investment for agtech or you are an investor or R&D collaborator scouting for agricultural innovation opportunities,... read more

Have you twigged about testing?

Take the Innovation Maturity Assessment survey to help you determine your organisation’s stage and inform future decisions about strategic direction, resource allocation, and internal and external engagement.

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